Saturday, January 31, 2009

El Agile en tiempos de Crisis (Agile in the time of Crisis)

Global crisis is for real. In 2009 most of the companies are planning for mitigate the impact of the global crisis and organizing resources for overcome the year with the less damage as possible.
Should they think in change? Of course they do.
The crisis is the opportunity to stick to lean development principles and adopt agile practices for optimizing the returned value of their investments. 

1. Eliminate Waste
2. Amplify Learning
3. Decide as Late as Possible
4. Deliver as Fast as Possible
5. Empower the Team
6. Build integrity in
7. See the whole

aren't them great principles? certainly they are. Even more they need to be applied in a critical environment. 
If any Crisis is an opportunity, certainly this year is the opportunity for companies to become agile. But the first step is to know and adhere to these seven principles, companies must understand that Principles conduct to Practices and if organizations adopt isolated Practices (agile practices) without  a deep understanding of lean principles, simply it is not going to work.

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